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Yuyao Sun-rainman Irrigation Equipment Factory, as a reliable irrigation sprinkler supplier, we are excited to present our high-quality and efficient irrigation sprinklers.

Our irrigation sprinklers are manufactured in our China-based factory with the utmost precision and quality control. They are designed to provide maximum coverage, uniform water distribution, low water consumption, and hassle-free installation in any outdoor area. These features make our sprinklers the perfect solution for commercial and residential irrigation needs.

Whether you need to water your lawn, garden, golf course, farm, or greenhouse, our irrigation sprinklers will meet your requirements. Our product range covers various models, including pop-up sprinklers, rotor sprinklers, impact sprinklers, and micro sprinklers, each offering unique features to suit different applications.

At Yuyao Sun-rainman Irrigation Equipment Factory, we take pride in our superior customer service and fast delivery. We ensure that our clients receive high-quality products at a competitive price. Contact us today to order your irrigation sprinklers from the leading manufacturer and supplier in the industry!
  • Introducing our new line of irrigation sprinklers, designed to make watering your lawn and garden effortless and efficient. Our sprinklers provide complete coverage, ensuring that every inch of your yard is properly hydrated. Made from high-quality materials, our irrigation sprinklers are built to last. They are adjustable, allowing you to customize the amount of water and the spray distance to match the specific needs of your lawn or garden. Plus, they're easy to install and operate - simply attach them to your garden hose and let them do the rest. Our sprinklers are perfect for homeowners who want to keep their lawn looking green and lush without constantly having to drag a hose around their yard. They can also help conserve water, thanks to their precision watering technology which minimizes waste by directing water only where it's needed. Whether you have a small garden or a sprawling lawn, our irrigation sprinklers are the ideal solution for ensuring healthy, vibrant vegetation. Try our sprinklers today to see the difference they can make in your lawn and garden maintenance routine.
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